Florists: Take Your Products to the Next Level, with Wholesale Florist Supplies Available Online

As a florist, your job and your speciality is to showcase flowers that wow. From roses to lilies to tulips, you strive to provide the healthiest, most colourful and most beautiful flowers possible. From Valentine's Days to weddings and funerals, you work to add extra beauty and elegance to important holidays, milestones and events.

However, even though the flowers are playing a lead role in all of these situations, they still need strong support. Sure, a gorgeous flower is still beautiful, even as a standalone. However, if you want to give your products that extra something—that 'wow factor' that creates satisfied customers, generates referrals and wins you new business—you need to think about presentation.

Give Your Presentation a Real 'Wow Factor,' Online Florist Supplies from Holstens

If it's your job to grow some of the most beautiful flowers in Australia, then it is our task at Holstens Pty Ltd to give them that extra dimension. Since the 1940s, we have been a top source for wholesale florist supplies (and other key products for events and parties) in Australia. Today, we sell all of our florist supplies online, making it easier than ever before for businesses like yours to benefit from our experience and eye for style.

Whether you are trying to make your flower displays look more impressive while they are in your store or striving to achieve even more stunning bouquets for wedding events, Holstens can help. For instance, our flower trolleys are perfect for creating a florist display that wows every person who enters your store. Our water vials, floral foam, pins and rose strippers help you prepare flowers for your customers—whether you are creating a boutonniere for a wedding or a dozen rose bouquet for Valentine's Day.

Speaking of creating stunning bouquets, Holstens is the place to buy wholesale flowers supplies online for that purpose as well. Do you have customers buying flowers as gifts for loved ones? Let them add a personal touch to the gift with small cards and envelopes. Are you creating centrepieces for a wedding reception? Our selection of glass vases, pebbles and marbles make it easy to turn simple flower arrangements into elegant designs worthy of a day filled with love.

Individually, these extra supplies might not sound like much. Together, though, they can help make the difference between the amateur flower shops out there and the consummate professionals. Yes, when customers shop with you, they are paying for the quality of the flowers. However, to an almost equal extent, they are paying for note-perfect presentation. A perfect presentation is what you will be able to provide with the help of Holstens and our wholesale florist supplies.

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Have you been looking around online for a place to buy florist supplies? Look no further than Holstens for a range of different products, reliable quality and affordable prices. Call us on 61 8 8346 8777 if you have any questions about our wholesale florist supplies.