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 Creating the Perfect Candy Buffet and Where to Buy Jars Online

Candy and dessert buffets at showers, wedding receptions, corporate events, and other gatherings are a fun way to show your guests you appreciate them and treat them to a sweet surprise. Many brides and hosts of other types of events are choosing this delicious and tempting option in lieu of – or along with – traditional appetisers or meals. However, setting up a candy buffet can be an overwhelming task, especially when you consider how many choices there are to make regarding candy, scoops and tongs, jars, and more. Here are some simple tips for creating the perfect candy buffet that you can share with your clients to help them have an affordable buffet that doesn’t skimp on WOW factor!

Determine Your Budget

One of the first things to do is decide what your budget is so that you'll know what your options are. Candy buffets are cost-effective for large groups of guests, but nonetheless, the expense of speciality candy can add up quickly.


Choose Colours and Themes

If the party has a specific theme or colour scheme, which most wedding receptions and showers do, you can choose candy to use on the buffet that matches this theme.

Decide on Candy to Serve

A good candy buffet strikes a balance between colourful, attractive candy that matches the theme of the event and a tasty selection of candy that guests will want to eat. It’s a good idea to include candy from several different categories to suit a variety of tastes and keep it interesting. Chocolate, hard candy, gummy candy, bubblegum, and mints represent a nice range of sweets that includes something for everyone. You can also include non-candy treats, such as cupcakes or other desserts.

Buy Candy Buffet Jars Online for Serving

Apothecary-type jars make awesome serving containers. Choose jars in carrying heights and shapes for the most interesting buffet. The assortment of containers will make your candy buffet look as good as possible. You’ll also need candy scoops. You don’t necessarily need one for each item on the buffet, but make sure you have enough to go around. You can buy candy buffet jars and scoops online from Holstens.

Have Some Favour Bags or Boxes

Supply your guests with favour bags or boxes to put their candy into. This area is a good one to get creative with. Make some bags or boxes that match your theme, or you can buy them to save time. There are lots of options when it comes to containers for your guests to use to take candy with them.

Decorate the Table

Decorate your candy buffet to match your theme – this can be a certain colour scheme or a theme with hints of specific colours mixed in. A tablecloth and runner are easy ways to start your decorating; a backdrop will further add to the look. Then, enhance the visual appeal by elevating various jars of candy. You can achieve this by using books or boxes (placed under the tablecloth). Put the highest jars of candy towards the back of the table. Add a centrepiece and perhaps even some ribbons and labels on the candy jars, and you're good to go. 

Holstens offers candy buffet jars online along with everything else your clients need to host the perfect event. Contact us today to get started. 

Buy Candy Jars Online for Your Next Event

The dessert tables at weddings and events have evolved over the years. It used to be that these tables were just a place to serve elegant and traditional wedding cakes. Nowadays, though, some brides and grooms are dispensing with tradition and putting their own twist on the dessert table.

While many weddings still feature the traditional wedding cake, it's also become common to see various assorted bite-sized desserts as well—from cookies to cupcakes to chocolate truffles and beyond. Some weddings—and other events as well—even have candy jars on the dessert tables, filled to the brim with the bride and groom's favourite candies.

Add Presentation to Your Dessert Table Designs, with Candy Jars Online from Holstens

At Holstens Pty Ltd, we offer a place for wedding venues and event halls to buy candy jars online, precisely for this kind of innovative dessert table set up. Our philosophy is this: with the right presentation, a jar of candies can look every bit as elegant on an event party dessert table as individual plates bearing wedding cake.

From colourful gumdrops and candy-coated chocolates to toffees or chocolates wrapped in shimmering metallic foil, candy can add a splash of youthful colour to the dessert table. Achieving this unique and flattering look all depends on the container in which you choose to serve these candies.

The first reaction may be to just put the candy in a bowl (or in several bowls) so that guests can grab pieces easily as they go by. The problem with this set up is that candy in a bowl screams 'Halloween party.' As such, unless your venue is holding a late October party with an All Hallows Eve theme, this kind of arrangement might not be optimal. You can at least bet that most brides and grooms will want something a bit more elegant.

The natural solution is glass candy jars. These elements are decorative in and of themselves and can show off the colour and aesthetic charm of the candy itself without pulling away from the classy feel of the event.

Start Shopping for Your Candy Jars Today

At Holstens, we carry an array of different candy jars online. Our eye-catching glass jars and opulent Victorian candy dishes give you the perfect way to make candy desserts a centrepiece of your dessert table presentation. You can even pick out a varied selection of different candy jars, to give the dessert table different levels and dimensions.

Holstens has been distributing to event venues since the 1940s. From decorations to serving dishes and other supplies, we specialise in making your event really 'pop' on a visual level. When you buy candy jars online from us, you can rest assured that the dessert table or candy table at your next event won't look childish or tacky. On the contrary, it will look attractive, fancy, fun and worth a visit. Trust us: your clients and their guests alike will love the inclusion of candy in the dessert spread.

Do you have any questions before you buy candy jars from Holstens? Call us today on 61 8 8346 8777.

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