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Even though every bride wants a wedding as unique as she is, many similar themes resound through the wedding planning world. For example, those looking for classic elegance may select a vintage themed wedding. Lacey fabrics coupled with muted colours, candelabras, and elegant floral patterns, can give a classic feel to the wedding.

Some couples embrace the time of year they get married and incorporate it into the wedding by having a seasonal theme. It can focus on spring, summer, winter, or autumn, and incorporate the colours associated with each. For example, pastels have a spring feel while neutral colours are indicative of autumn. Seasonal themes can be more specific and celebrate a particular day such as Valentine’s Day or New Years.

Rustic is a common theme of those who enjoy the country life. Barns and other outdoor venues set the scene for a rustic wedding. Do-it-yourself styled crafts add a touch of country life when used for centrepieces and other décor items.

Some couples have a special affinity for something which is so strong they want to incorporate it into their wedding. For example, they may be interested in the Renaissance, Harry Potter, or a particular sports team, and they want to submerge into the theme for their special day.

Our wide selection of floral accessories, event decorations, table centrepieces, sound and lighting equipment, and carpet runners for sale are the perfect additions to every type of wedding. Whether the bride and groom are looking for elegant or fun, contemporary or old-fashioned, simple or extravagant, we have the items your clients will love.

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No matter what the theme of the wedding, carpet runners add a touch of class. Carpet runners can serve the extra purpose of securing a stable walking area for outdoor venues. If rain creates a soggy runway for the couple and their guests, a runner can protect shoes and clothing from getting ruined in the mud. Even if it hasn’t rained, a carpet runner keeps the bride’s heels from sinking into the earth as she makes her way to the altar.

Not only can they be used to enhance the aisle for the couple to walk but they can be used in other areas as well. For example, we have carpet runners for sale that can be used to create traffic patterns for buffet lines. When you buy carpet runners online, you can choose from a variety of colours that match the theme of the wedding.

If you plan events such as weddings and you are looking to buy carpet runners online or other décor options such as florist’s supplies or furniture, contact Holstens. We have been supplying event accessories since the 1940s - you can trust our quality products and excellent customer service. 

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