Wholesale Artificial Roses

Buying artificial roses online will save you lots of time and money. If you really are looking to make a big splash with a floral presentation you could even look into buying artificial roses wholesale and look to get a big discount by buying all of them in bulk. Getting a break on the price is always a great benefit and will allow you to really make an impressive gift for that special occasion. You could have dozens of beautiful artificial roses in vases waiting for your love to walk into the room and truly dazzle them with all those gorgeous roses in the room. You won’t have to worry about putting these roses in dark corners of the room or leaving them exposed to the sun all day. You don’t have to be protective of artificial roses because they don’t need light or risk being damaged by over exposing them to sun. You can put them anywhere to brightening up a room and make it look great. Read More...

Beautiful Artificial Roses For Sale Online

Artificial flowers don’t get damaged easy. They won’t break like real flowers so if your kids or dog were to run into a vase and tip it over you won’t need to worry about your flowers being destroyed. Also your dog won’t eat artificial flowers so you need not have to keep them in places where your pooch can get at them and help himself to a snack.

When you’re thinking about getting your special somebody a dozen roses for their birthday you’ll likely think about rushing off to the local florist to find the best selection of roses to buy for them. The fact is that live flowers might seem like a nice gesture but they end up just being a bother. They have to be cared for and even with proper care they’ll end up dying in a week or two. On top of that all sorts of accidents can happen with the vase getting knocked over and spilling water or dirt all over the carpet and causing all kinds of problems. Artificial roses have so many advantages over regular flowers that you really have to consider purchasing them when you’re thinking about buying flowers for your love.

When you buy artificial roses you’re also making sure that people who have allergies won’t have to deal with pollen or other irritating problems that can be caused by live flowers. There are all sorts of bad reactions people can have from being near something that can trigger an allergy attack and having to deal with an ugly problem.

When it comes to artificial flowers you should check out Holstens. We have an amazing selection of all kinds of different beautiful and unique artificial flowers that will brighten any room and be the perfect gift for any romantic occasion. You’ll be getting all the beautiful flowers you would ever want and be able to get them at a fraction of the price of real flowers. Don’t fall for the high prices florists charge and shop at Holstens today.

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42 x Rose Bud + 35 x Leaf Garland

$2.90 pcF40342 Colours availableMin Order: 12   pcSize: 220cm
60 x Rose Bud + 35 x Leaf Garland

$4.25 pcF40374 Colours availableMin Order: 12   pcSize: 230cm
Rose Trail (16 Roses & 40 Leaves)

$8.15 pcF4038Stock: 173 pc + 200 due 29OctMin Order: 5   pcSize: 250cm
Rose, Peony, Hydrangea & Wisteria Garland (32 Heads)

$15.90 pcF4039Stock: 127 pc + 144 due 29OctMin Order: 12   pcSize: 180cm
Standard Rose 16 Head Pot

$25.50 pcF4500Stock: out of stockMin Order: 2   pcSize: 120cmH × 30cmD
Mini Foam Rose Heads - 72Pcs

$6.50 bagF9100Stock: 50 bagMin Order: 4   bagSize: 2cmD
Sheer Ribbon Rose Garland

$6.60 pcF9110Stock: 76 pcMin Order: 6   pcSize: 135cm
Rose Garland Ribbon Loops

$10.95 pcF9112Stock: 167 pcMin Order: 4   pcSize: 170cm
Mini Rose Garland

$3.50 pcF9117Stock: 247 pcMin Order: 6   pcSize: 120cm
Mini Rose Wreath

$3.25 pcF9118Stock: 83 pcMin Order: 4   pcSize: 20cmD
Wired Rose Wreath

$16.25 pcF9120Stock: 58 pcMin Order: 2   pcSize: 38cmD
Cottage Style Ranunculus Bouquet

$9.70 pcF0102Due: 960 on 13NovMin Order: 1   pcSize: 53cm
Single Velvet Rose

$0.00 pcF0108Due: 2880 on 07DecMin Order: 12   pcSize: 46cm