Robotic Window Cleaner

AUD $249.50 pc


Size230 × 230 × 95mmH
Min order1   pc
Packing4 / carton

Automatic window cleaning robot - small, powerful and clever!

This unique window cleaner uses a high quality brushless motor, achieving a 2800pa suction to the surface, allowing it's dual action microfibre pads to clean with maximum effect.

The intelligent controller maps out the area, then follows a N + Z path to efficiently cover the entire surface, wiping in both directions.
'Seeing is believing'

The 10m power cable allows large areas to be cleaned. It's built-in lithium battery prevents power disruptions for up to 30 minutes.

Suitable for glass, mirror and tiles, you'll save hundreds of dollars on window cleaning.

Use the link below to view the Robot in action!

01 - White

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